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Tutoring services for young people at any place and using any media 
Service package example

  • Help the young person prepare for a test, for example a math test.
  • Help the young person discover her or his personal values.
  • Talk with the young person about his or her problems and needs after parents' divorce
  • Talk with the young person about a video that she or he finds useful. 
  • Play a game with the young person for example football, tennis, or chess.

Home education services for people aged 50+
Service package example

  • Help her or him use technologies, for example the Internet, apps, a smartphone, a tablet, a notebook, an oven, a refrigerator, and/or a washing machine.
  • Help her or him understand / speak / write another language.
  • Help her or him clean up and reorganze things at home
  • Help her or him develop a plan to stay healthy.
  • Help her or him develop a plan to experience another place.
  • Help her or him share recipes and stories.

Help to discover values people have
Service package example

    • Help you, your partner and/or colleagues express your emotions.
    • Help you, your partner and/or colleagues discover values you have.
    • Facilitate a values meeting now and then during which you tell stories about how you live your values. 
    • Send you inspiration now and then about values and emotions.

    Help you improve your strategy
    Service package example

    1. Help you define your purpose
    2. Help you find out which unique competencies you have and want to make even stronger.  
    3. Help you find out which combination of delivery channels / communication channels help you generate strong value for users. Examples
    4. Help you discover needs that users have and how user needs are evolving.
    5. Communicate with you about what is changing around you
    6. Help you define problems - including reasons for problems.
    7. Develop ideas with you about what you want to 1) stop doing / do less and 2) start doing / do more.
    8. Communicate with you about how you balance strategy dilemmas 
    9. Communicate with you about how you make decisions.
    10. Help you set goals.
    11. Communicate with you about what you can do to make ideas happen.
    12. Communicate with you about how you learn really well continuously.